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Registered A-Respond Online Network Members

Are expected to use the Internet, and our communications services,
In a responsible manner.

The registered first name and last name of your account are sent with each e-mail message. Use of our services to engage in unethical or illegal activities is grounds for immediate termination of your account. If you desire an anonymous account, do not use www.arespond.com.

The following is extracted from the A-Respond Online Network Members Terms of Service Agreement to which each A-Respond Online Network Members must adhere.

Advertising Rules:

Unauthorized mass advertising of the A-Respond Online Network opportunity is not permitted under any circumstances, through any medium, without prior written approval.

Furthermore, any mass electronic promotion of A-Respond Online Network Services via fax or e-mail broadcasting is strictly forbidden and will be cause for immediate termination of your member account.

However, online advertising banners promoting the A-Respond Online Network Services can be programmed with your own specific A-Respond Online Network URL.  Please see the Marketing section of this Web site for suggestions on promoting your A-Respond Online Network Account

You also agree NOT to: Use the Service in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk e-mail, spamming or any mass duplication of unsolicited messages


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