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ICQ is a FREE instant messenger service that many of our members use to keep in contact with their teams and offer support. It's a cross between a mobile phone text message and e-mail.

When you connect to the Internet and turn your ICQ on, it shows you a list of friends and colleagues who are also online at the same time. Those that show as being connected can be contacted instantly with a text message that alerts them on their computer.

With this instant message facility you can contact your support team members and arrange an 'instant meeting' in a voice room, thus affording you the ability to answer questions very quickly. ICQ, in conjunction with the A-Respond Online Voice Room, turns your computer into a Low-Cost, Universal Office.  No rent, no telephone bills and no hassles.

For your FREE software download for ICQ, visit their site at www.icq.com. You will be given a unique user number that you can then swap with your friends, colleagues and support team

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