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In order to provide email services for our members. We have put into place the following policies.

Spamming or Sending Unsolicited Email

To put it in plain English
Don't even think about it!


It will cause your account to be permanently suspended without notification and there will be fines and legal cost.

Unsolicited Email is defined as: sending unsolicited commercial email messages (UCE), including the sending of "junk mail" or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material...

This includes anyone who was not a previous customer or does not have an existing business relationship ("email spam").

Violation of this or any section of this Agreement will result in immediate account suspension and/or termination, as well as further penalties and charges...

We do not tolerate spam or the sending of unsolicited email.

Please note that SMTP authentication is required in order to send email from our domain server as an effort to combat spammers.

Email Box Size: Your mail box size for each user account is limited to a maximum of 10Mb. This means that unless you download your email using email software such as Outlook or delete old messages from the email server, then your email box may become full and when it does, email being sent to it will bounce back saying the box is full.

Individual Email Size: You are permitted to send and receive emails and attachments that do not exceed 2Mb per email. Anything larger needs to be uploaded to your web server and your recipient can simply download it from there. Email servers were never intended to be large file servers and in order to provide reliable email service for all customers, we will not make any exceptions to this policy.

POP3 Email User Poling: Each POP3 Email user is able to set their email software to automatically poll our email servers no more than once in each 5 minute period. If you have your email settings to poll (check) the email server more often than this your request may be rejected and your email service suspended.

This does NOT affect your ability to send or receive emails, nor is there any limit on the number of emails you can send or receive as long as you are not spamming. You can send and receive emails normally but we do ask that you keep your automatic polling to 5 minutes or more.

You can learn how to change the automatic send/receive setting at our hosting companies tutorial here:

Outlook: Outlook Settings

Eudora: Eudora Settings

Web Based Email Use: We provide web based email messaging for every POP3 Email user account only as a convenience for those customers who need this service to check their email when they are away from their computers (i.e., on a trip, at a friends house, or at an Internet Cafe). It is not intended to act as the primary source for sending and receiving email such as a Hotmail or Yahoo account would be. Web based messaging is very resource intensive and therefore we ask that unless you absolutely need it, to use it sparingly.

If you do rely on web based email, then keep in mind that your email box may reach the 15Mb limit and bounce email unless you download or delete old messages. We will of course continue to provide web based email service but do ask for your cooperation in order to provide fast reliable service for all. Microsoft's free Outlook Express or other email software programs are easily configurable and we highly encourage their use. See our hosting companies Email tutorials for instructions on setting up your email software to send and receive.

Spamming or Sending Unsolicited Email
To put it in plain English - Don't even think about it!

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